Honey bottles need to constantly improve stagnant Packaging

For honey bottles , because the current market, although honey hot , but confusing, honey through various channels to reach other consumers, unlike other foods , like running with regular sales channels , so sales are not honey bottlesas hot as the honey market , in this case , honey bottles also almost unchanged over the years , plastic bottles of honey in two forms generally ordinary wide-mouth glass bottles of honey or flat -shaped squeezable .

We have analyzed the above two bottles of honey packaging advantages and disadvantages. Indeed honey bottles should not be confined to the above two packaging forms , there should be more rich and diverse. First of all, honey bottles should look more prominent features on the shape of honey , honey, when people can easily make discoveries and find on the shelf. This requires honey bottle packaging has its own unique style . Secondly, honey bottle material selection, should be better able to ensure the quality of honey , honey products to protect the validity of making honey in the honey jar has a good storage environment. Finally, the more diverse the honey bottle capacity , so that the different needs of consumers and families adapt . Instead of talking about honey bottles under certain limited capacity .

In short , honey bottles need gradually improved, rather than , as at present stagnant.